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Action taken

Action taken is following processes:

Out-of-court recovery of receivables
Assurance of Judicial Recovery of Receivables
Account receivable management

Out-of-court recovery of receivables

As to the recovery of receivables, our company gives preference to out-of-court recovery of receivables due to efficiency, timesaving and cost-effectiveness. The objective of extrajudicial debt recovery is to ensure that the debtors pay the amounts due to our clients without the clients having to be involved in litigation.

As soon as a mandate agreement has been concluded with the client and the relevant documentation and power of attorney in respect of particular receivables have been served on us, we initiate a series of negotiations with the debtor with a view to ensuring that the overdue amounts are repaid as soon and much as possible.

This is a phase when we normally call upon the debtor to discharge his debt. After the expiration of the period set for the discharge of the debt we contact the debtor to agree the method of settling the outstanding amount as soon as practicable, while care is taken by us that no further receivables from the particular debtor arise.

We keep the client informed of the entire process (on-line, by phone or in person), providing the latter with an overview of the current status of particular receivables being managed and recovered.
When negotiating about out-of-court recovery, we aim to secure the existing claim by attaching a pledge to the debtor's assets or by ensuring that the debt is acknowledged or a promissory note is issued. The normal practice consists in concluding an agreement on the acknowledgement of a debt and on the repayment thereof by installments.

The out-of-court recovery process normally takes up no more than 60 days. After the expiration of this period we are mostly able to prepare an evaluation report and recommend further action to be taken in the matter by the client. The evaluation report helps the client decide whether he will continue to recover the receivables by legal means or waive any further action with regard to the effectiveness of the recovering process.


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