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Action taken

Action taken is following processes:

Out-of-court recovery of receivables
Assurance of Judicial Recovery of Receivables
Account receivable management

Assurance of Judicial Recovery of Receivables

In some cases there may occur a situation when no amicable settlement is reached. If the client, having made himself acquainted with the evaluation report prepared by us, decides to recover the receivable by legal means, we will ensure through a network of renowned attorneys that a court payment order is issued or a lawsuit is filed, in which case we provide complex legal services including acting as an attorney.

Where judicial recovery appears to be ineffective, we proceed to secure further receivables from the particular debtor in order to file a joint bankruptcy petition in accordance with Act No. 328/1991 Coll. on Bankruptcy and Composition as amended. In so doing, we follow the Bankruptcy and Composition Act, under which the bankruptcy procedure is aimed to regulate the debtor's ownership rights and which we usually apply if the overall financial standing of the debtor has considerably worsened over the last three years preceding the bankruptcy. Debt recovery within bankruptcy proceedings is found by most clients appropriate also due to tax optimisation.


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